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So you might be wondering what you need to know before you head up to Round Lake for a week of camp!  Following are some of the important things that will help you navigate the Round Lake experience, but don’t worry, Round Lake isn’t like a boot camp!  These are just guidelines for what you will need (and won’t need) as well as some safety information. 

What to Bring...
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Clothing for 6 days
  • Personal Water Bottle
  • Towels and personal toilet articles
  • Swimsuit (see Guidelines under What Not to Bring)
  • Sunscreen
  • Mid-thigh length shorts
  • Clothing suitable for the camp should reflect Christian values and standards of decency
  • Clothing must also protect the body. Because we are in the wilderness, it is
    important to have closed-toe shoes which will be required to be worn at all times
  • Bible, notebook, pen
  • Flashlight

What Not to Bring...

  • Food or Drinks (they are provided and not allowed in the cabins)
  • Matches or lighters
  • Secular books or magazines
  • Knives or other weapons
  • Water Guns
  • Short-shorts or any shirts that show your belly.
    If you are unsure if something is acceptable or not, leave it at home.
    Final decision on what is acceptable will be made by staff.
  • Swimsuits that are inappropriate for a shared swimming venue.
    Final decision on what is acceptable will be made by staff and a T-shirt provided if your suit is not appropriate.
  • See What TO Bring

What does it cost?

Camp fees are all inclusive.  Food, T-shirts, Crafts, Insurance and Recreation Activities are all covered by the $130.00 weekly fee. More than one kid in the family?  Great – take $10.00 off for each additional camper. Sponsorships are available!  We don’t want anyone to miss out on camp if they want to come, so please fill out the registration form and if you need help with the fees just let us know!

What to Expect...

Now that you know what you’ll need you might want to know what you’re going to do!  Here is the basic daily schedule.  There are days where we may do things a little differently (like a moonlight hike on Thursday or our famous Round Lake Olympics on Friday), but most of the days will center around this schedule.

7:00 AM – Everybody Up!
7:45 AM – Morning Devo @ Mess Hall  
8:00 AM - Breakfast
8:45 AM – Cabin Clean-Up
9:15 AM – Morning Class
9:45 AM – Break
10:00 AM – Group Sessions
10:45 AM – Break
11:00 AM – Chorus
11:45 AM – Mail Call
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Recreation
4:30 PM – Counselor’s ½ Hour
5:00 PM – Personal Clean-Up
5:45 PM – Evening Devo @ Mess Hall
6:00 PM – Evening Meal
7:00 PM – Campfire & Devo
8:30 PM – Refreshments
8:45 PM – In Cabins
9:15 PM – Personal Devotion Time (PDT) 
9:45 PM – Cabin Reflections
10:00 PM – Lights Out! 

How Do I Register?
Please fill out the online Registration Form. Registration forms must be completed no later than July 9th, 2023. We are limited to 100 campers and space fills up fast so don't put off registering till the last minute!
Arrival & Departure Times

ARRIVAL: Registration is from 4-6 p.m. on Sunday.
Departure Saturday Morning at 10:00a.m. If you need to leave Friday you must check out with one of your camp directors.*

*PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is expected to follow camp rules and regulations while on site, including parents. Animals are not allowed on the premises.